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🔷 About PranzEU

PranzEU is dedicated to the refinement of internet culture, freedom of speech and internet security. We support the core ideas of decentralization, blockchain and solarpunk. Pranz offers educational and entertaining content. Page contains links to a various third-party websites, apps and services, depending on the topic of an each article.

🔷 About webpage structure

Topics and blog posts are presented in the left sidebar, and right sidebar is populated with Table of contents for the easier navigation. In mobile view main navigation and table of contest are both in the left slide menu.
Website offers both light and dark mode, and you can use Search to find content quickly. Tags page lists all content organized under categories.

🔷 Questions, feedback and comments

To leave a question, feedback or a comment use a chat widget. For direct contact use our Twitter or Mastodon account.

🔷 Tips and donations

If you like our work you can tip us with

  • Liberapay, non-profit France based recurrent donations platform and company
  • Github sponsors, integrated with Github
  • BuymeBerries, donation platform for HiveIo blockchain
  • Memo.Cash and PromptCash, websites built for and with integrated non-custodial BCH wallets, market place, SLP tokens and more.

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