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Improve your relationship with money

I learned a LONG time ago that getting money even when hard is essentially NOT the main problem - it is our relationship towards it - from acquisition, spending, and attraction of the wealth - the whole set of things I was observing at home when I was living with my parents was wrong.  

They were raised the wrong way, they accepted a serf mentality, buying things on credit, buying things they can't afford, and buying the cheapest stuff because they can't manage is a thing.  

In my opinion, they were wasting money on stuff that would easily break, and in their opinion, I was having an expensive taste. You can bet which approach won long-term - I still have stuff I bought twenty years ago due to quality and my approach to how to deal with things I own.  

In the material world, you don't need much. And unlike them, I like the stuff I have, I surround myself with the ambient that makes me happy. Even when I was renting a place, I tried to make it a positive experience.

On many occasions, it was very hard. The key thing is don't hoard garbage.  
Also, don't measure everything in money - sometimes people need services that they can't afford so if you have any skills use them and you will end up getting many things that are more worth than the money you could earn by charging that service.  

So, how to change your attitude toward money? Don't make it a constant problem and don't accuse it to be an each and every single source of your dissatisfaction. The best things are free.  

Make these things your habit

Things to take notice of or change:  

  • check on your insurance and savings 
  • pay the whole sum and avoid crediting ( interests are a killer!!) 
  • cut down on grocery spending or household items that are not essential 
  • cut down on phones or internet bills 
  • don't spend on clothes unless it is essential and always buy what will last  
  • drop paid subscriptions or monthly memberships that you don't need - most of these are unnecessary  
  • check on deals, coupons, or discounts 
  • track your spending and delay buying things that are not essential  
  • if you have a family treat the needs of each family member equally including yourself - this will help a lot!