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Basic tutorial for Hive blockchain writers


HIVE has a master passwords, and you should not lose control over it in any given moment. So, once when you have it, save it in safe place, the best on some offline media.

But the problem is that there are a few passwords in the HIVE and an each has a different purpose.

The first and the only rule, do not paste your master password in anything that you do not understand.

For anything that uses HIVE outside of main page or or any other hive frontend, it is enough to use either the ACTIVE (used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market) or POSTING (posting and voting) key.

Besides the OWNER key ( that is a master password) there is another one called MEMO that is used to create and read memos.

There are many apps that will ask you to use any of these keys, one of them is so called login application Hive Connect that servers as a bridge between Hive blockchain and smart applications based on HIVE ( all those other pages you can use, front ends, programs ...)

Basic Markdown

On Hive you can publish your content using either the Markdown and HTML. Both are ok, and some people think that the Markdown is easier as it requires less symbols to type. The formatting of your text can be easily done only with the editor, it will turn the same.

[[markdown-tutorial]]{ .md-button }

Notifications, Discord, Ginabot

To use GinaBot ( Discord notification bot for Hive users) ,you have to be a member of the Hive blockchain with approved account and you have to signup in Discord chat application.

GinaBOT runs from this server. When there go to register channel and type this:

..reg username

After that command the bot will guide you what to do. You will also need to send Ginabot 0.001 HBD and in case you don't have it you can always contact some other Hive member, or in the best case contact me with the details and I will help you.

Decentralized applications build on HIVE

Collection of tools and projects for Hive can be found at HiveProjects

Image attribution

The right way for pasting and sourcing images on Hive is to always give attribution, even for free images. Unless it is yours, you have to source it,

Images that you use on Hive can be yours or free attribution images.

You can not use the images that are under the strict copyright.

Screen captures or the images from the movie video trailers are excluded, as the first is an original capture by you and the second is an advertising material which is free to distribute.

You can also use freely the YouTube videos in your posts. They are not questionable.

Your own image should be either an original art, photo, graphic or composite (wallpaper, poster, banner) uploaded directly on Hive or hosted on the outside host service.

If you host your own image on the outside host (imgurl) and pasting it with a code, you do not need to source it with the link. If you decide to download your own image or free attribution image, and then upload it on Hive, you have to resource it with the Source link to the original picture.

If your original image is protected by teh copyright, you have to verify it is yours.

You can host your images on any external host ( Imgur, Facebook, Twitter...) or directly on Hive ( upload).

To source an image means that you have to paste a direct link from where you took it.

Paste this code in your Markdown editor in Hive and substitute the "URL of image" with appropriate link.

[Source](URL of image)


Whatever you do on Hive, never ever do these any of these things:

Comment Spam and Spam in general Don't leave meaningless, short comments or copy/paste one the same comment numerous times, like links, 'nice post', or similar. Always make your comment relevant.

Copy/Paste and Plagiarism Coping the entire text or partially text is considered a theft, and will result in both flagging, blacklisting and even banning from the certain groups.

Cybersecurity Threats and Harassment You can't make threats or harass people on Hive. They will either retaliate or send Hive sheriffs on you.

Identity Theft/Deception Identity theft is basically when you pretend to be another but a real person, and it includes either links or photos of some other person. Identity theft is not personal privacy protection when your name is Mary but you say it is Sally. That is not it.

Photo/Image Plagiarism Don't paste images into Hive posts that don't belong to you. If you use the free attribution images always paste the link where you took it from either under the image or in the bottom of your post.

Tag Abuse and Tag Spam Using tags on posts that are not topically related to those tags is similar to spam. If are sharing your post under the category that has nothing to do with your subject is considered spam. Using the special manes of communities you belong to in tags is not considered as the spam.

Unverified Identity This doesn't mean you have to post your ID on Hive, this simply means that you can't paste your online identity link somewhere on Hive profile ( or posts) without verifying it is you. In other words, if you link in Twitter, your posts should be visible on that Twitter account.


You could calculate this manually or wait till the 7th day, but I think it is far better to use this website and just look how much growth you can expect in the few next days.

Aside from how much money you will get, you can also preview a few details about your Hive account.

English language improvement with online applications

If you are not a native English writer you could be facing some serious troubles on Hive. You see, the Hive is all about the quality and community, so the good knowledge of an English language is a must. There are also various ways how to improve and polish your writing.


Success steps

Hive is the only place where you can harpoon a whale w/o getting shit off of the Greenpeace. And admit it, when you do, it feels awesome.

How to catch the users who will vote up on your content on the Hive is maybe the most annoying, boring and sometimes even a heartbreaking thing one can try to do while trying to make a living out of this website.

The problem is pretty simple and common because you can't see anyone's voting power on the front page, and going after an each profile can be somewhat tedious.

When you start using the Hive you will soon realize that the notification system is not so perfect and that your usual way of monitoring a feed will not result in anything but wasted time.

So, is there any way to speed things a little bit up and not get bored to death? I mean, for a chirpy new comer, a front page feed is just a big hot mess and an unsolvable puzzle - nowhere to start.

Well, there is and it is really fun and easy. You will be surprised, but with a help of a few ingenious apps that I will show you will even have some fun.

Not a little - but a lot! Let's start!

How to write on Hive to get some traction?

Don't use my own Hive blog for the example. My blog here on Hive is a hot mess plus I don't even try to make an every post an upstanding monument of value and quality.

I might try to fix that, but I can't make a promise. With me, it is just a big maybe.

So, instead of making a capital mistake and post four or even more articles per day, try to make one or two that mean something- either make them a very good or make them something that is valuable for you.

There is no way to earn with a chatter in the Hive. There are the exceptions, but you will notice why that is possible with the time.