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Summary: The article presents an in-depth analysis of several Splinterlands cards, highlighting their rarity, circulation, usage among top players, and unique abilities. It covers cards from different splinters, such as Dragon, Neutral, Earth, Life, Water, Death, and Fire, shedding light on their strategic value and potential in different deck compositions. The analysis provides insights into the popularity, strengths, and potential combinations of these cards, offering valuable information for Splinterlands players seeking to enhance their gameplay strategies.

Splinterlands Card Analysis

Shin-Lo: The Scarcest Card in Splinterlands

  • Availability: Limited to October 2018 Kickstarter
  • Rarity: Legendary Promo, Dragon
  • Number of Cards: Regular 225 / Gold 75
  • Circulation: Only 113 in circulation
  • Usage: Top 25 players use it less than 1% of the time with a win rate of 69%
  • Description: Shin-Lo is a powerful 1 mana magic sneak card that remains valuable and useful in Dragon decks.
  • Rarity: Common Rewards, Neutral
  • Number of Cards: Regular 346,436 / Gold 7,325
  • Circulation: 126,256 / 3,921
  • Usage: Currently the fifth most played card by top 25 players at 16%
  • Description: Creeping Ooze is a unique Neutral single mana card with the ability to Slow. It is often played for its DEC bonus and remains cheap to acquire.

Brownie: A Versatile Earth Card

  • Rarity: Epic Rewards, Earth
  • Number of Cards: Regular 35,480 / Gold 568
  • Circulation: 14,323 / 391
  • Usage: Utilized nearly 7% of the time by top 25 players
  • Description: Brownie provides immediate benefits with Swiftness and Inspire abilities. It remains a heavily utilized card in Earth decks despite the high card combine cost for leveling up.

Silvershield Bard: Underrated Life Card

  • Rarity: Rare Orbs, Life
  • Number of Cards: Regular 35,819 / Gold 970
  • Circulation: 10,583 / 469
  • Usage: Top 25 players use Silvershield Bard 7% of the time
  • Description: Silvershield Bard, released with the Orbs promos, offers the Cleanse ability, which has gained popularity for countering Affliction. It is becoming more recognized for its strategic value.

Albatross: Powerful Water Tank Healer

  • Rarity: Common Untamed, Water
  • Number of Cards: Regular 44,480 / Gold 1,547
  • Circulation: 13,190 / 733
  • Usage: Currently around 2% use for top 25 players
  • Description: Albatross is a formidable tank healer with the Flying and Tank Heal abilities. It is highly utilized in Water decks and its lack of attack is seen as an advantage.

Cursed Slimeball: Death Card with Redemption

  • Rarity: Common Untamed, Death
  • Number of Cards: Regular 44,214 / Gold 1,545
  • Circulation: 13,185 / 687
  • Usage: The meta for this card is yet to be established
  • Description: Cursed Slimeball, with the Redemption ability, is used strategically alongside Crypt Mancer and Undead Priest to eliminate low-health cards quickly.

Shadowy Presence: Death Card with Dual Support Abilities

  • Rarity: Epic Rewards, Death
  • Circulation: 545 / 17
  • Usage: Expected to be heavily used due to its dual abilities
  • Description: Recently added to the reward card series, Shadowy Presence offers Strengthen and Inspire. Its lack of attack makes it a durable card, ideal for supporting attack and defense strategies.

Flame Monkey: Fire's First 1 Mana Card

  • Rarity: Common Rewards, Fire
  • Circulation: 6,713 / 195
  • Usage: Expected to be used due to its Swiftness ability
  • Description: Flame Monkey provides a melee attack and gains Repair at level 5. Its Swiftness ability at level 10 makes it valuable for fast-paced Fire decks.

Furious Chicken: The Essential Neutral Card

  • Rarity: Rare Rewards, Neutral
  • Circulation: 27,333 / 1,096
  • Usage: The most utilized card and a staple in every deck
  • Description: Furious Chicken, the only 0 mana card in Splinterlands, remains widely used despite its rarely utilized ability.

Please note that the information provided is based on data from November 17, 2020.